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Whether you need long-distance towing or a routine towing service to keep your car off a congested road, dos Amigo Servicio de Grua will make your trip quick and easy.

About Us

The Road to Relief – Towing You to Safety

At Dos Amigo Servicio de Grua, we take pride in being your reliable and trusted towing service in [Your Location]. Our commitment is to provide top-notch towing solutions with a personalized touch, ensuring you experience peace of mind when faced with vehicle challenges.

Our Towing Services

Light-Duty Towing

When you need a light-duty tow, you can count on us to be reliable professionals who will go above and beyond to meet your requirements.

Medium-Duty Towing

We offer a variety of medium-duty towing services to help you keep your vehicles in good condition and get back on the road as soon as possible.

Heavy-Duty Towing

dos Amigo Servicio de Grua employs cutting-edge technology in all aspects of its operations, including trucks, equipment, and quoting, to ensure that your truck receives the best care possible.

Why Choose Us

Since 2017, dos Amigo Servicio de Grua in AREA has provided excellent roadside services and emergency towing. dos Amigo Servicio de Grua is a family-owned company that genuinely cares about every driver it helps. We offer a range of roadside assistance and towing services, from light to heavy, to get your car back on the road quickly!


Vehicle issues don’t follow a schedule, so neither do we. Our team is available around the clock, ready to assist you whenever you need us, day or night.

Experienced Professionals

Our team consists of skilled and experienced towing professionals who are dedicated to providing efficient and safe towing services. Your vehicle is in good hands with Dos Amigo Servicio de Grua.

Modern Flee

We invest in a modern and well-maintained fleet of tow trucks to ensure the safety of your vehicle during transport. Our equipment is regularly inspected and upgraded to meet industry standards.


Our team is capable of providing creative solutions to any road problem you may encounter. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on our service.

“Excellent assistance! Even though I would never want to be calling for a tow assistance again, dos Amigo Servicio de Grua would be my first choice if I ever needed to call for towing assistance in the middle of the night. They offered me incredible service and affordable prices!”

Andrew Solis
Property developer

“My automobile stopped suddenly on the way home and there isn’t a mechanic nearby. Good thing I have dos Amigo Servicio de Grua contact number from my colleague because they are truly helpful and have kind personnels that’ll help you to stay calm and relaxed.”

Ajay Wiley
Lift engineer

“The quality of dos Amigo Servicio de Grua towing services is beyond words. They are extraordinarily professional, kind, and honest (especially when it comes to service pricing). It was a very reasonable price. I highly recommend calling these wonderful people.”

Ruby Mcbride

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